How It Works

Our RestAssured program is designed to be simple and straight forward—getting you to better sleep faster. Assess your symptoms, then meet with a board-certified sleep physician to determine whether an at-home sleep study is right for you.

Upon completion of your sleep study, our physician may recommend a CPAP treatment, which we can order for you and deliver right to your door.

It starts with our free assessment to evaluate your symptoms and determine whether a visit with one of our board-certified sleep physicians is right for you.

Take Assessment

Your health assessment will tell you whether you could benefit from a telehealth visit with one of our board-certified sleep physicians. They will further evaluate your symptoms and help you decide whether an at-home sleep study is right for you. Your visit is a flat $49 fee—no insurance required.


If you and our board-certified sleep physicians decide that a convenient, at-home sleep study is right for you, our kit is a flat $299 fee and we’ll ship it right to you.

Complete your sleep study in the comfort of your home and schedule a follow-up appointment with our board-certified sleep physicians. Your follow-up visit is no additional charge. You can dispose of your sleep test—no need to return it.

Discuss your sleep study results with our board-certified sleep physician (no additional charge for this follow-up appointment). If you and the physician decide that a CPAP is the right treatment for you, then you can order one easily for $599 through our program.

CPAP is shipped to your front doorstep. Enjoy the benefits of rested sleep!