“Everyone, everywhere,
deserves the best sleep.”

Our Mission Statement: To be a company that is pushing forward to create new and innovative ways for sleep medicine to be accessible by everyone. To create a solution that not only diagnoses, but also effectively treats and improves the health of each patient.

A good nights sleep with sleep apnea

Who We Are

We are a group of people that are passionate about a healthy life! We understand how important quality sleep is for each individual and how hard it can be to attain it. At restASSURED, we strive to blaze a trail in the healthcare jungle by providing simple, honest healthcare, that is available to people everywhere at an affordable price.

Why We Do This

Poor sleep can lead to obesity, inflammation, illness and system imbalances.

Studies show that lack of quality sleep is just as harmful as chronically overeating, not exercising, and drunk driving! It also takes a serious toll on our health. What greatly increases our chances of depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, stroke, and Alzheimer’s? The answer is: A lack of quality sleep. It has become a serious problem; in 2014, the CDC labelled it a public health epidemic.

Knowing these statistics, we at restASSURED discussed our own sleep habits. We evaluated how OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) affected those of us that had it, our loved ones - and our health. We tested ourselves, and those of us who already used a CPAP began educating those who needed one. We often laughed but grew to understand the stigmas and the frustration of the current lengthy, expensive process required to move through a sleep study program.

Out of that frustration, the restASSURED program was developed.

restASSURED offers never-before-seen convenience in a personal sleep study, fit to work with your busy lifestyle and your budget.

An in-home sleep study through WatchPat offers a convenient solution to an overnight stay in a medical facility.

Telemedicine Visits
A physician certified in sleep medicine will offer a consult visit and will follow your regimen through to completion. Your physician will review your sleep study results. A follow-up visit is part of the program, ensuring that you have the best in-home care.

On-going Education and Support
If a CPAP is prescribed, you will receive your equipment quickly - saving time, money, and travel. The restASSURED team is available to offer on-going education and support via online resources. And you can always contact us here for quick answers to your questions or concerns.

At restASSURED, our 25 years of healthcare experiences creates a dedication to innovation and evolution that remains constant.

We will persistently update our education and processes to provide you, our cherished customers, the finest quality products and care. We will use technology and innovation to provide the best in healthcare, at the best price.