New Year's Exclusive

$175 Home Sleep Test

Treating your sleep apnea is essential
in the fight against COVID-19

Take Assessment
*If diagnosed with OSA, get a CPAP and supplies delivered to your door for only $500 ($100 discount)
**$25 additional fee for initial and follow up visits with a physician

COVID-19 + Untreated Sleep Apnea

more likely to be infected
with COVID-19

increased all-cause
mortality rate

higher risk of hospitalization
and respiratory failure


Schedule a call with a
board-certified sleep physician

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WatchPAT One™ in-home sleep
studyshipped to your door

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Sleep one night with the
disposable WatchPAT One™

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Follow up to review your
sleep study results

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Get a CPAP and supplies
shipped to your home for $500*